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Bored and looking for something cool to watch? Visit these links and see which ones interest you; some are stand-alone films and some are series, from the humorous to the serious. Or if you spot an old favorite here, you can explore the links (many of which have their own link pages) and go trivia, sound-bite and image hunting. Enjoy!

Blade Runner
This is one of my all-time favorite films, because it's one of the best pure science fiction, it's full of atmosphere, and it leaves me with more questions than answers -- in other words, it makes me think. Apparently it has the same effect on others because there are lots of thoughtful websites out there covering this flick. Then of course, there's the author of the original story on which Blade Runner was based, Philip K. Dick.
Blakes 7
This BBC series is quite a long one, following an crew of renegades trying to bring down the Big Evil Empire. It has quite a fan following.
Terry Gilliam's duct-woven world makes for an amazing trip. One of Dave's all time favourite movies.
Doctor Who
There are dozens of websites out there covering one of the best-loved British SF series, but this is the place to start. Also recommended is Dr. Who A Brief History of Time.
Red Dwarf
I have to confess, I hadn't even heard of this British Science Fiction comedy prior to ordering it in for the store, on the say-so of several video guides. Dave and I considered it our duty to see at least an episode or two before we put it on the shelf (so we'd know whether to recommend it or not) and now, when new episodes come in, we keep it a secret until we've seen them ourselves! This series is funny and despite being set something like three million years in the future, manages to poke fun at modern life and everything else that comes under the scrutiny of the crew. If you've never taken a ride on the Red Dwarf along with Dave Lister, visit this website to get a sample of the humor! 
The Terminator Movies
Classic Schwarzenegger. Classic scifi. Need I say more?
The Back To The Future trilogy
These are best if watched one after the other. Set aside an afternoon and invite friends over.

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