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Many of Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragon figurines have runes on them which, when translated, add even more humor to the pieces. (You'll also find runes in much of Real's artwork.) Here is a "rune key" you can use to translate the runes you find.  Look below the key for a little extra information from Real.

Real on his runes (with particular reference to "Sharing With Teddy"):

Please remember that if there are any errors in the runes here or elsewhere, they had to be etched into the plate in mirror image! And I was essentially still doing them for my own amusement-- even though by this time, I had standardized the runes to a single simplified Germanic futhorc (and a very little Latin) for the benefit of anyone trying to keep up with what I was doing. I originally used almost every futhorc, futharc or ogham I came across. I was intrigued with the hundreds of variations I found. I mixed languages and runes in mid-sentence if it seemed funny or graphically appropriate to me at the time. Honestly, at first I didn't even think about whether *I* would be able to translate them later. 

They were just little embellishments and very much of the moment. It wasn't until a gallery owner/linguist chastised me for making translation virtually impossible for him that I realized anyone else might be trying to follow the jokes.


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