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Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragons are increasingly popular all over the world. We sell them in our store, of course, but you can find them all over the Net, as well!

Personal Sites:
Diane's Look Into The World of Pocket Dragons  
Click on the "Welcome" next to that Gargoyle Hoping For Raspberry Teacakes, and enter into a well-designed website covering not just "the usual" Pocket Dragon information, but a really cool tour of the factory showing how Pocket Dragons are made! 
Pocket Dragon Den  
Lots of fun here. You can do a click-and-move puzzle using Real Musgrave's art, print out some pages to color, and even send Pocket Dragon greeting cards to other friends on the Net.
Jane Packer's Pocket Dragon Site  
Jane can often be found on various Pocket Dragon bulletin boards and on ebay, bidding on Pocket Dragon stuff. Hers is the only personal Pocket Dragon page I've found in England.
World Collector's Net Pocket Dragon Information
Here is a page including information on the museum you must visit if you're in England, as well as lots of photos and detail on retired Dragons, what's available, and which ones are retiring. Very attractive interface and pretty fast loading, too!.
Our Commercial Site:
Astral Castle's Pocket Dragons For Sale
How could we forget to add a link to our own Pocket Dragon catalog, complete with images of all in-stock Pocket Dragons. We also have a really cool Pocket Dragon Gallery where you'll find information (issue and retirement date, issue price, and type of release) on every Pocket Dragon figurine ever sold!

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