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Pocket Dragon Collectors Club at Astral Castle

Spring 2001 Pocket Dragon Contest
Easter Egg Hunt!

Oh Bunny! Rubber Stamp. Art copyright 2001 Real Musgrave. Stamp Copyright 2001 VIP. Image Copyright 2001 Astral Castle. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
          In the world of computer software, an "Easter Egg" is something special or unusual that programmers have hidden inside the world they create. In the world of Pocket Dragons, the artist, Real Musgrave, also hides little "Easter Eggs" like these within his works of art. They are part of what makes his work so charming. Come with us on an Easter Egg Hunt and you may win an "Oh Bunny!" rubber stamp as seen at the top of the page.

          Not every item on our list was hidden; many are just funny -- and there were several signs of spring: bunnies and turtles and ladybugs and such, helping us wish  winter weather away.

The Easter Eggs Were:


Sir Nigel Smythbe-Smoke
Seaside Castle
Teddy Magic
  We Found Three! One smiley face (a circle enclosing two dot eyes and an upcurved line for a smile)
De...Pressing   One frowning face (same as above but with a downcurved line)
Bathing The Gargoyle
Magical Flying Airship
Seaside Castle
  We Found Four! Three rubber duckies
Storytime At The Wizard's House   A larger-than-Pocket-sized dragon that can be detected only by spying the tip of its nose and the end of its tail (you can't even see its eyes).
Sea Dragon   One can of shark repellant
Bathing The Gargoyle
Best Seat In The House
Book Nook
Chocolate Strawberry Avalache Surprise
Computer Wizard
Dragons In The Attic
Drowsy Dragon
Loving Care
No Ugly Monsters Allowed
Pillow Fight
Scary Stories After Bedtime
Spilt Milk
Sticking Together
Storytime At The Wizard's House
Teddy Magic
The Apprentice
We're Very Brave
Won't You Join Us
  We Found Eighteen! Fourteen (14!) teddy bears
And I Won't Be Any Trouble
I've Been Very Good
  Two pocket dragons with fingers crossed
Computer Wizard   A spider web
Computer Wizard
Dragons In The Attic
  Two rodents
It's Magic
The Volunteer
  Two rabbits
Proud Gardener
The Scholar
  We Found Three! A lady bug
Tea and Gossip   A turtle
Candy Cane
Sticking Together
Wee Three Kings
  We Found Five! Three figurines featuring candy
Bathing The Gargoyle
Puddle Jumpers
Take A Chance
Your Prince Is Here
  We Found Four! Two frogs


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