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Games have probably been played by humans from the first moment we had any spare time. On this page you will find links to information about the games we carry, which we hope will enrich your game play.

There were lots of broken links when I tried to find places that talk about Abalone; the game must be played frequently on college campuses since that was where most of the transient sites were. But the above has a version you can download and play (I think).
This site has just about everything you need, from rules to backgammon humor, along with loads of links and ways to get practice playing on the Net.
The Game of Go
Starting with an introduction, "What Is Go?" that is an excellent overview, with nice, understated graphics, a brief, "How to Teach Go" page (deceptively simple), complete with links to the American Go Association's website, and more. Elsewhere is a page on The Japanese Rules of Go.
Gomoku or Renju
Usually played on a smaller, 9x9 board, and a good introductory game for those just getting started playing Go. Renju is the professional version of Gomoku. 
Mah Jongg
This page has rules, and links to lots of other sites on the subject. The top link on the list is Pung Chow's and it's very pretty and informativ, with images of many beautiful and amazing Mah Jongg sets.
Here's a great overall page on Pente, including information about championship games.
Here is a Windows Shareware version of Senet that you can download (there are other games here, too).
And of course, you can buy these games from us at Astral Castle (just choose the Classic, Family and Board Games catalog).


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