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Directions to Astral Castle

Astral Castle
10 Meta Drive
Midland TX 79701

Google Map.

What I ought to do is go and paint a huge "Astral Castle Is Here" on our roof so that next time the Google Map image is updated you'll be able to find us really easily just by looking at the satellite map. But I'm guessing Google doesn't update often for that very reason - everybody would be out marking their territory. Kids would be chalking giant Anarchy symbols in the school yard, Joe would be out at the airport painting a giant "Eat At Joe's" ad on the tarmac. Google should be making a fortune selling advertising spots in the desert around here.

For Midlanders:

Coming from I-20, either from the east (Big Spring and beyond) or west (Pecos and beyond):

Coming from the north side of Odessa:

Coming from the North (La Mesa):


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